IWALK Mini Smart Robot was newly launched

I-Walk Mini Smart Scooter


#Fun & safe riding experience:

*Magnesium alloy framework & Leg lean-steering lever design.

*3-5 min quick&easy learning;

*Suitable for both Kids & Adults.

*Fashionable, Enjoyable, Healthy lifestyle;

#Powerful riding performance

*Strong 700 W brushless dual motor, Instantaneous Max. 2100W power.

*Can Reach 16km/h Max. Driving Speed and 22km Max. mileage.

*Max.Torque: 70Nm

*Imported lithium battery unit.(30pcs of high performance import lithium battery unit)


#Automatic headlight and LED taillights

*Automatically turn on the headlight according to the ambient light.

(As far as 5m distance, brightness is also self-adaptive)

*Two LED tailights indicate the slowdown or steering.


#Better road adaptibility

*10.5 inch low pressure vacuum rubber tires.(better trafficability & tire skid-resistance)

*Easily climb over 15˚ steep slope and small humps

*IP54 class weatherproof


#Unmanned mode

It can remotely controlled via bluetooth using I-Walk pro APP

* Using APP to set many parameters of I-WALK pro(Sensitivity, Speed, LED color,etc)


#Muti-safety protection system:

*Speed limitation protection;

*Stop when lifting&falling protection;

*Low-battery warning & Overspeed warning.

*Intelligent BMS(Battery Management System):

Over-charged/Undervoltage/Overheating/Short circuit protection